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Incredibly bright, creative and dynamic team, who dig deep and ask the right questions to properly understand where the client needs to go.
Skilled, intelligent, imaginative - great partners to develop ideas and execute to a highly skilled level.
It’s a real pleasure to work with One.Stop who listens carefully, challenges in equal measure and go the extra mile (or hundred miles) to deliver the perfect solution.
Fiona Ferguson

— Fiona Ferguson

Senior Manager, L&D, Richemont

“Charles is a very driven, creative and committed professional. His ability to learn and adapt to new environments make him a great asset for anyone working in a fast-paced business, and his dedication allows him to always deliver on his promise.”
Mark Kornfilt

— Mark Kornfilt

Co-Founder & General Manager, Livestream EMEA

“One.Stop has a fresh and knowledgeable eye, great capacity to translate ideas and concepts into images and sound, as well as a smart sense of humour.
They have had exactly the right impact on our target audience, helping us to convey dry messages in a concise and dynamic manner.
I would (and will) definitely work with them again.”
Annelies Garcia

— Annelies Garcia

Director at EPFL Alumni, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

“I’ll always work with Charles, because he displays the best qualities you’d want in a collaborator; creativity, great work ethic, ambition and an open minded attitude. These are just a few. The result of his work completely reflects his approach and it’s been a complete joy to work with someone who creates material of the highest level, which leaves you inspired and hungry to create more.”
Gary Carr

— Gary Carr

Actor, Musician and Founder of the Beautiful World Foundation

“Charles is creatively very strong. He’s highly proactive with ideas, always trying to find solutions and improve the production. Unusually, he combines this with very strong technical skills, especially as an animator, which means he can both develop and deliver these projects. I have found him easy to work with and someone who consistently goes the extra mile to make the project as good as it can be.”
Stuart Maister

— Stuart Maister

Managing Director, Strategic Narrative

“I collaborated with Charles on one motion design video: aside from being very quick and creative, he was very professional and dedicated to the task. With only a few indications, he was able to translate what we talked about into the video we were looking for. Charles has all the qualities needed for a great collaboration. I am looking forward to working with him again soon!”
Laure Nouraout

— Laure Nouraout

Founder, La Fabrique de la Danse

“Ce qu’il y a de bien avec Charles quand on travaille avec lui, c’est qu’il prend des initiatives et qu’elles sont toujours bienvenues. Une fois briefé, Charles est totalement autonome et a une grande capacité à s’intégrer dans une équipe en quelques heures. Bref, du travail bien fait et qui donne envie de continuer avec lui.``
Bertrand Pecquerie

— Bertrand Pecquerie

CEO, Global Editor's Network

Working with Charles was a real pleasure! He brought a fresh prospective to traditional communications by proposing high quality and original content. He helped us better articulate the project and prepare for the shoot, and was very proactive in proposing enhancements of our video through his editing. Overall, we are very satisfied with the result and I can only recommend Charles' services!
Elsa Gehanne

— Elsa Gehanne

Innovation Officer, ICRC

Charles turned a convoluted (and unattractive) process-flow diagram into an elegant motion graphic for me on a super-rush basis with minimal hand-holding. He combines intellect, artistic vision, technical expertise, and work ethic. Highly recommended.
Anne Folan

— Anne Folan

Anne Folan, President, Anne Folan & Associates. New York NY | Washington DC

Working with such a fast, creative, flexible and efficient team was a delight. Their ability to understand and challenge our needs to come up with great proposals made this team the perfect fit to help us on our project. Definitely recommend this innovative team - Charles, Jonathan & Thibault
Melany Araujo da Silva

— Melany Araujo da Silva

Project Manager, Richemont