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Core Team

Charles Brepsant

Co-Founder, Digital Producer, Videographer

Charles is a physics engineer turned multidisciplinary freelance creative with over nine years experience in the promotional and live fields of production.  He developed a broad and versatile skill-set centered around filming, editing and 2D/3D motion graphics, and provides end-to-end expertise in the creation of promotional content. Creatively he is particularly interested in the relationship between image, movement and sound, and is constantly searching for new ways to express these relationships in his works.

Jay Burton

Co-Founder, Business Development, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Jay is a sustainability project manager with a passion for the creative arts, in particular photography and graphic design. Fascinated with innovation and management practices such as multi-stakeholder collaboration, design thinking, hackathons, and holacracy, Jay has worked in various institutions in Geneva, spanning International organisation (UN Environment Program) to innovation spaces such as Impact Hub. More recently, Jay has been the communications lead for Impact Hub Geneva and Lausanne, managing a team responsible for marketing and outreach, branding, design, and community management.

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